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Where Can You Shop for Organic Produce in the Green Bay Area?

Can I Get Organic Fruit and Vegetables Delivered in Green Bay WI?

Organic fruits, vegetables and produce provide families with a healthier option than many products you may get at the grocery store - free of insecticides and chemicals. While many grocery stores have a selection of organic produce, Farm Fresh Xpress provides an extensive menu of organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products and more that are available online. Families who have grown accustomed to having their groceries delivered want to know - can I get organic fruit and vegetables delivered in Green Bay, WI - and we have the answer at Farm Fresh Xpress.

How To Order Organic Produce Online at Farm Fresh Xpress

Farm Fresh Xpress provides families in search of organic produce with an alternative to their local grocery store. Products available online at Farm Fresh Xpress include - fruit, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, beef, pork, chicken, seafood, honey, mushrooms, microgreens, bread, coffee, tea and more - that are all sourced from local Wisconsin farms and dairies.

Shopping online for organic food at Farm Fresh Xpress is as simple as shopping for gifts on Amazon. Search for products online by category and add them to your cart. Farm Fresh Xpress will deliver to addresses in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Fox Valley, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Omro, Ripon and Waupaca areas - with a flat delivery fee of $6.99 and a minimum order of $10.00.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Food and Produce?

Are you looking for a healthier option for your family dinner? Organic produce and meat products may prove to be a great addition to your menu. Families, who are unsure about organic food and what that means may want to know - what are the benefits of organic food and produce? Here is a quick list of the benefits of organic food.Green Organic Logo and Text on Tan Background

  • Organic Produce is Fresher
  • Grown with Natural Fertilizers
  • Grown with Organic-Approved Herbicides
  • Grown with Natural Pesticides
  • Livestock Eat GMO-Free Feed
  • Livestock Have Access to the Outdoors
  • Organic Farming is Better for the Environment
  • Organic Food Can Be Richer in Nutrients

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Can I get organic fruit and vegetables delivered in Green Bay, WI? Learn more about how to order organic produce online with this quick guide to Farm Fresh Xpress. Contact the Farm Fresh Xpress Team today for more information on our available local products!

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