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Where To Order Fresh and Locally-Grown Produce in the Milwaukee Area

Fresh and Organic Produce Delivery Milwaukee WI

Like many of us during the pandemic - you have likely become more reliant on food delivery - but your standard pizza, Chinese and fast food delivery options may not be the healthiest. Farm Fresh Xpress provides you with a healthier option and will deliver fresh, locally-grown produce to your doorstep. Families who want to add healthy produce to their weekly menu can opt for fresh and organic produce delivery in Milwaukee, WI when they choose Farm Fresh Xpress.

How To Order Fresh Produce in the Milwaukee Area

The Farm Fresh Xpress experience is much like any other food delivery service - except we provide access to fresh and organic vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, baked goods and more that are sourced from local farms in the State of Wisconsin.Man with Box of Fresh Vegetables

When you visit the Farm Fresh Xpress website, you will be able to search for the produce and products that you want by category - Produce, Meat, Seafood, Dairy & Eggs, Bakery, Pantry, Beverages, Body Care and Pet Food & Treats. When you select a product, you can add it to your cart with the quantity you want and the item description will tell you where that produce is grown or that product is made in Wisconsin.

When you choose to checkout, you can opt for delivery or pickup with delivery available to select addresses in - Milwaukee, Green Bay, the Fox Valley Area, Waupaca, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Omro, Ripon and Sheboygan. Payment options that are available via Farm Fresh Xpress include ShopPay, PayPal, GooglePay, MetaPay and credit card.

How Much Does Fresh Produce Delivery Cost in the Milwaukee Area?

A lot of times, when shoppers see Fresh, Locally-Grown or Organic on the label - there is a misconception that it must be expensive. Not only will Farm Fresh Xpress deliver organic produce to your door in the Milwaukee area, it will do it at an affordable price. Farm Fresh Xpress employs a flat $6.99 delivery fee no matter where you are located with a minimum order of $35.00.

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Are you interested in fresh and organic produce delivery in Milwaukee, WI? Farm Fresh Xpress has an incredible selection of produce and products for you to choose from and we will deliver it to your door. Contact the Farm Fresh Xpress Team today to learn more about available produce and our local vendors!

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